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How much water do Malaysians use compared to the rest of the world?

Do you know where the water goes when you flush it down the toilet or kitchen sink?

Despite more frequent and longer water disruptions in recent years, especially in urban areas, most of us continue to take our water supply and its disposal for granted. This interactive webpage will help you understand the issues and reveal some surprises.

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Comparing Malaysian household water usage with other countries
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Household water consumption of selected countries

The latest data shows that in 2017 the average Malaysian used 201 litres of water a day for household purposes such as drinking, cooking, washing and showering. This number is 22% more than the 165 litres recommended by the United Nations. We also used more water compared to our neighbours like Singapore (143 litres in 2017) and Thailand (90 litres in 2011).

  • Let’s start with a basic test of your water knowledge.

    How much water do you think each Malaysian uses daily for household purposes compared to other countries?

  • How much does wastewater
    cost us?