This interactive feature was inspired by true events as laid out by the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission's (EAIC) probe into the death of 25-year-old Azlan Syed Mohamed Nur on Nov 3, 2014.

Azlan was arrested at around 3.30am and brought to Balai Polis Sungai Rengit. He was found unresponsive when he was about to be transported to the Kota Tinggi district police headquarters at 7.15am.

He was declared dead at Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Penawar after 8.30am. Tragically, his father was at the police station shortly before Azlan's death but was not allowed to see him.

A post-mortem established the cause of death as blunt force trauma to the body. His small build meant he also suffered organ injuries from beatings during his arrest, including a swollen heart that led to heart failure. In total, he suffered 61 different injuries.

Police claimed Azlan sustained injuries during the arrest as he tried to escape. The EAIC concluded police testimony was "not credible" as there was only one room exit - the same way the police came in. Witness A29 testified seeing Azlan being beaten up despite immediately surrendering.

Police also claimed Azlan admitted to possessing the gun and was taking drugs when they arrested him. EAIC concluded this testimony was "questionable". No gun or drugs were found or confiscated.

The EAIC concluded that police was involved in the "suppression of evidence". Witness A29 revealed the existence of the bloodstained carpet on June 16, 2015, during the course of EAIC's investigation.

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Read the EAIC report on Azlan's death "Your rights when arrested" by Bar Council

Credits: This interactive experience was produced by Nigel Aw, Weekee Goh, Sean Ho and Koh Aun Qi.